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Pregnancy, whelping supplies, kittening supplies, litter care, first aid, 
supplements & products, for dogs & cats.

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First aid kits now available

Did you know?
All our whelping/ kittening kits are size specific
We don't include anything you don't need just to bulk it out


Kittening and Whelping
kits now available

Whether you are looking for whelping supplies, kittening supplies or litter care products,

The Paw-works has just the thing for you, all our feeding sets, whelping kits and kittening kits are designed to suit your breed size from teacup to giant breed puppies and even a one just for kittens. Our Paw-works feeding sets, whelping kits, and kittening kits only contain what you actually need, although you may not use every item with every litter, based on 30 years of breeding experience with both dogs and cats we have chosen to stock only items that you actually need, we won’t stock anything that will lay in the cupboard unused. With the wellbeing of your pets in mind we also stock a range of Dorwest supplements and pamper products, currently we stock breeding, fertility, skin care and digestive products, some lovely shampoos and balms for the ulti-mutt pamper session. If you are looking for a first aid kits suitable for cats or dogs, we have a range to suit every need for a pocket size to take on walks though to a large event size suitable for kennels, training centres and dog events such as shows, agility or flyball competitions, if your unfortunate enough to use your kit we stock everything you need to top it up. If you need a canine first aid certificate, we have a super online CPD course in our classroom (complete the course to get a discount of our first aid kits). For breeders we are also planning a number of breeding courses, “The foundations of canine breeding” is the next course due for release. Why not join our classroom affiliate scheme, make money selling our courses, or buy our Ready Steady courses in bulk for your puppy and kitten buyers as part of their pack. Contact us for more details.