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About the Paw-works 

The Paw-works online shop has been created by Jan Whiffin & Jo Prentice to provide quality products for whelping/kittening, rearing, first aid & healthcare for your pets, breeding stock, litters & working dogs. We have carefully chosen each item based on Jo’s wealth of breeding experience with both dogs & cats, our kits & sets contain only what you need.

Jointly we have also created courses to increase your knowledge, these are available via a separate website, but you can follow the links on the Classroom page to access them.

We first met when I bought my first Clumber Spaniel, Stiegl from Jo in 2015.

Jo and Stiegl.jpg

I've owned dogs since 1988, bred Canadian champions and Crufts qualifiers. I've helped and advised many people on breeding their dogs, whelping and puppy rearing, as well as working in rescue for bull breeds and English springer spaniels. I have a wealth of experience breeding and rearing terriers, gundogs and pedigree cats. I currently own 3 clumber spaniels including Stiegl's Mum and half brother. Over the years I have experienced the best and worst of breeders and now want to help people avoid the mistakes I have made. I am also trained in pet pregnancy ultrasound and canine first-aid.

I am an accomplished trainer and NVQ assessor, working many years in the catering industry training both craft and systems skills. Along with husband Dave I own 2 springer and 2 clumber spaniels, Stiegl (in the picture) was bred by Jo, he's our Stud dog and is a 3 times Crufts qualifier. I now run the Paw-works offering small mammal micro chipping and pregnancy ultrasound in south Cambridgeshire. Often asked for advice by my clients I’ve had to quickly learn about animal pregnancy and birth (Jo has been a wonderful mentor) I also have e diploma in canine health and nutrition and a canine first-aid trainer. Stiegl is our stud dog and we are hoping to have a litter of our own soon.

Jan and Stiegl.jpg
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