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Is you pet travelling safely

Often while driving or arriving at dog events I see dogs roaming freely around inside the car. I don't doubt these people love their pets, but would they leave a toddler sitting without suitable restraint? Have they thought about what might happen if the needed to brake suddenly?

All pets need to be secure when travelling in a vehicle as stated in the highway code.

Use a dog guard or crate if your pet travelling in the boot, you can also use a dog seat belt and harness, these clip in like a seatbelt or loop onto a fastened seat belt, ensure the harness has a chest plate (this will spread the force of an impact and help to minimalise any trauma in the event of the dog being thrown forward), NEVER clip the attachment to the collar of a dog. Check that crates and seat belt attachments have been crash tested. the type of crate you use at home is not sufficient to protect your pet in a crash,

Always carry water, a bowl and poo bags. Fit sun shades. Never leave your dog on the car on a hot day even with the windows open. Never allow your dog to travel with it’s head out of the window. Never use a crate loose on a seat. Your dog or cat should always be wearing collar and tag when travelling, in case they run off due to an accident.

It is an offence for your pet to be unsecured whilst traveling and you may void your insurance if you were involved in a accident.

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