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It's National Dog breeder Day

Dog Breeders often get bad press, home breeders tared as backyard breeders or being lumped together with puppy farmers. I have some super clients who care deeply not only for the dogs they own but for the welfare of their breed too. So, let’s hear it for all the breeders who care for the puppies they breed, health tests their dogs, spend hours looking for the right stud or choosing suitable forever homes with care and offer lifelong support to their buyers. Without these breeders there would be no specific dog breeds, none of the beautiful dogs we see at Cruft’s, no working gundogs, no guide dogs, no native rare breeds. For every bad breeder we hear about there are dozens of great responsible breeders, for every dog in a shelter there are hundreds of puppies placed in happy loving homes that are loved to a ripe old age as members of a family. If you would like to know more about being a responsible breeder them why not look out for our upcoming CPD course the Foundations of Healthy Canine Breeding watch the preview to receive a discount off the course.

Foundations of Heathy Canine breeding (

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