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What makes The- Paw-works Different?

With over 30 years breeding both cats and dogs all our products have been carefully chosen.

All of our feeding sets and kits have been compiled to suit your litters needs, whether you breed kittens, teacup dog breeds or giant dog breeds there is a feeding set and kit for you. We've kept it simple too, our kits only include what you need, we don't include anything that will sit in a cupboard for years collecting dust.

And if its kittens you breed we do sets just for you, so no more having to make do with puppy kits.

Pet Supplements & Wellbeing

We've got this covered too, We stock a range of Dorwest supplements and pampering products, And so you're fully prepared for emergencies we have a range of canine first aid kits, which of course can also be used for cats. If you would like to become a Canine first aider check out our courses in the Classroom.

We look forward to you ordering from us.

and would love to see pictures of you litters, or hear of you experiences

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