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Digestive Tablets for dogs and cats may be the answer to aiding and supporting your pet’s digestion and to settle tummies before a car journey.

All pets will experience a gurgling tum and excess wind at some point in their life - some get an upset stomach when travelling and others are just more prone to digestive complaints. Our Digestive Tablets help to naturally support digestion and settle tummies, using a unique blend of herbs. Ginger and valerian calms, while rhubarb and peppermint aids digestion and slippery elm helps to soothe and comfort.

Dorwest, Digestive

  • Ingredients

    Active Ingredients: Ginger 30mg, slippery elm bark 10mg, rhubarb 20mg, valerian root 20mg, peppermint oil 0.2mg


    1 tablet per 10kgs bodyweight, after meals, or one hour before travelling.

    Use during pregnancy and lactation



    May be given in conjunction with any medication

    Product finishing


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