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Easy Green Powder is a great way to give your dog ‘super green foods’, which benefits skin as well as being a important part of a healthy natural diet for dogs.

Our Easy-Green® Powder supplement has all the power of 'super-greens' in an easy-to-give powder. Just add to your pet's normal food for them to get all the benefits of eating a bowl of greens, without a spinach leaf in sight!  The quick air-drying process retains maximum nutrients in a digestible form to naturally boost levels of iron, vitamin C, chlorophyll, calcium, magnesium and antioxidants (to neutralise free radicals) for all-round health. For pets with hot, itchy skin, our Easy Green Powder also has cooling properties. 

Dorwest, Easy Green

  • Ingredients

    Active ingredients: Finely powdered spinach, parsley and watercress



    Give daily.  Small dogs & cats 1 measure, medium dogs 2 measures, large dogs 3 measures, giant breeds 4 measures (measure included in pack and equivalent to a ½ tsp)

    Use during pregnancy and lactation



    Can be given in conjunction with any medication

    Product finishing


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