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Based on over 30 years breeding experience our kittening kits only contains the items you need, each item has been selected for kittens. Your kit is supplied in a plastic storage box to keep all your small items together.

The Kit contains

-1 X Small feeding Kit (2x Mini Nipple, 1x1ml Syringe (luer tip) 1x5ml syringe (luer tip) with caps,

 1 premature baby bottle and bottle brushes).

-1 x veterinary thermometer,

-1 pair scissors,

-1x10 White face cloths,

-1x10 pair disposable gloves,

-1x10 Antibacterial wipes,

-1x10 Lubricant sachet,

-1x10 Iodine swabs,

-A document pack to download, kittening checklist. kittening record sheet, emergency action plan and kitten weight chart. * Please state in the comments that you would like this and will be emailed to you.

Don't forget to add your preferred kitten formula. glucose, or floss if you don't have these already.

All items are available separately or if you have a kit already why not look at our consumables pack to top up what you have already.

Kittening kit

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